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Girl, Here's Another Lie

the pendulum had sung, Now I'm swallowin' my tongue, Don't know how to tell you I'm leavin' in town months. But now girl,
if you don't know, We'll be happy 'til I go, Oh now girl, don't say no. Girl, here's another lie-hate to see you cry, Just want
someone to hold you, it's all in your eyes, Now girl, feel the same way too-like there's nothin' we can do, 'Cept smother all
honest cuz girl, you don't wanna hear the truth. Hey December's on it's way, Hide the scared look on my face, Hang some
Christmas lights and act like I'm okay, And now as the snow starts falling down, I think as it covers the town, If I go this time I
can't come back around. I know girl, I promised once, That day was never gonna come, Please now girl, Don't say we're
Ultimate Fakebook Girl, Here's Another Lie

Date Added: 2007-12-21
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