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Uh i think i like ur girlfriend, bt i can make ur girlfriend's world spin, if she wuz my girlfriend, nd im so sick wit this writing shit i hurl pens, damn my girlfriend, brings da other girls in, she says Weezy i got da order u prescribed, i say thanks pop a ex nd dey swallow me down, im da shit nd dey da flies ooops i mean B's dat follow me around, dat slurping sound, oouuu how dat sounds goood, ur girl slobbering on my dick like a orgasim fountain wud, nd i'll attack any cave intruder like a lion from da highest mountain wud, oh i wuz discussing ur girl right, bt im comet clean nd u are disquesting to ur girl like, im disquesting to da world right, well im world ugly, bt ur girlfriend seems to have a take in me, fuck her from da back nd have her going in for face in me...bitch!

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