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Girls on Girls

Weezy Weezy Weezy Weezy Weezy… Weezy F Baby beach bum swagga
pull up on the beach met a b-tch named Sandra
talk that sh-t get her to my sand castle
take her off your 2 piece leave on your sandals
told her I’m a beast she said Si she speak Spanish
tan butt naked make the panty line vanish
the sun fell down and burned me on my crown
and now my head smokin like the heat in Miami
south beach killa she feelin me I feel her

she say she got a man but I’m realer, I steal her
thief on the beach theres freaks on the beach
we do it on the beach and let the water touch our feet
thats sex on the beach whatcha know about it
girls on girls I build a girl mountain
its young money yee ain’t gotta count it
girls on girls n-gga im surrounded

Date Added: 2010-02-08
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