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Look i knew this fella named frank who had bank from pullin manuvers
no descrimination for fity his brother will do ya
His whole life he been broke but he got tired of the feelin
started indulgin in drug dealin, was'nt scared to be caterpillan
a soldier but for the wrong cause he bosted screamin give it up you give it up or else you got toasted
kept his finger on the trigger everytime he rode frank took all the drug dealers and kept his hood sowed
mafia menace to his community his money was long
wouldnt let his partners make no money let alone sell stones flippin in the finest of cars gator shoes and boots chinchila furs even hers double breasted blue suits for him and his broad but where was god not around his riches cause he quickly fell in a 6 foot ditch to deep him and his misses
the moral of the story if u sowed it i promise you'll reap it greed aint nothin but a lesson so listen up when i teach it

Greed, vanity, lust the main three things that will make you end up in the dust
Its seven sins that women and men commit 24-7 you better watch it or get 187 im trying to tell ya

Get Out the mirror little mamma cause you look good enough already degrated your image cause your hood slut walkin in and out of house jumpin in and out of cars got to many boyfriends thinkin you lovem from the heart you just tryin to get into their pockets you's a gold digger actin like you down like four flats to get some more figas steady throwin marriage in their face to make them believe better not make nobody fall in love cause they might make you bleed
fake nails and fake hair on down to your thighs aint nothin but imatation your whole life is a lie you need to slow down and get a grip on yourself before you catch somethin you cant throw back and HIV yourself
your phone aint ringing cause fellas see you loosen weight you aint even confident no more looks like you loosen faith everyday
the moral of the story sowe it and you'll reap it vanity aint nothin but a lesson listen up while I teach it

(Hook 2X)
My man would of done anything to give a nancy but she was fantasize had to flp in somethin fancy just to get her attention had to floss a piece and chain
went to scooped to her up from her hood in his candy dead range peep the game now the way she talked and the way she walked but he didnt know she had the power to leave out lined in chalk but he was blind to the fact he had to take her to his house to switch up to his cadillac thats a dumb ass move now she know where he live dude aint nothing but a flunkie steady exposin his riches hopin he might get lucky but luck is runnin out for dude he cappin to hard didnt notice he was being followed by a couple of cars straight to the motel, the hotel the holiday inn she left the door cracked open so the jackers can come on in
the moral of the story sowe it yeah you'll reap it Lust aint nothin but a lesson listen up while I teach it

(Hook 2x)

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