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Midnight sun bids Mars farewell
Retreats from charging dusk
Mountain's echo curfew's bells
Signal ending tasks.
They place their faith in oaken doors

cower in candle light.
The panic seeps through bloodstained floors
As Grendel stalks the night.

As the walker seeks his meals

Prepare the funeral pyres.
The shapeless songs no longer heals the fear

Within their eyes
their eyes...

Wooden figures - pagan gods -
Stare blindly across the sea.
Appeal for help from ocean fogs

For saviours born of dreams.
They know their lives are forfeit now

Priestly heads they bow in shame.
They cannot face the trembling crowd

That flinch in Grendel's name.

As Grendel leaves his mossy home

Beneath the stagnant air

Along the forest path he roams

To Hrothgar's Hall so fair.
He knows that victory is secure

His jaw will testify.
His claws will drip with martial blood

As moonbeams of the sky.

Silken membranes span his path

Denizens of twilight lands

Humbly beg him through.
Mother nature's bastard child

Slunned by leaf and stream
An Alien in an alien land
Seeks solace within dreams
The shaper's lies his poisoned tongue

Maligen with marking hawk.
Beguiling Queen her innocence

Offends his icy heart.

... in silence
bewitched by the reptile's spell.
Sulphurous essence
peroads round the grassy dell.
Heroes awaits him
like lamb to the butcher's knife.
Stellular heavents
ignore even children's cries.
Screams are his music
lightning his guide.
Wrapped in the darkness
death by his side.
Chants rise in terror
free round the oaken beams.
Flickering firelights
portraying the grisly scene.
Warriors advance
prepared for the nightmare foe.
Kids are the sacrifices
even their hearts must know.
Heroes illusions
with feet in the grave.
Lurker at the threshold
he cares not for the brave

He cares not for the brave

'So you thought that your bolts and locks would keep me out.
You should have known better after all this time.
You're gonna pay in blood for all you vicious slander.
With your ugly pale skins and your nutrid blue eyes.
What you're gonna feel pity
when you kill your own
you feel
no shame
God's of my's sure I'm gonna take no blame.
I'm gonna take no blame
I'M gonna take no blame.
So you say you believe in all of your Mother natere's laws.
You last your goal with your sharpened knifes
You when you're all together and your enemies left for rest.
You pray with your bloodstained hands at the feet of your
pagan gods.
Then you try to place the killer's blame in my hands
You call for justice
distort the truth
I've had enough of all you pretty
pretty speeches
Receive your punishment...
Let the blood flow
oh let the blood flow...'
Marillion Grendel

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