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Hard But Fair

Hard, hard, hard,
Some say that's fair, fair, fair
Hard, hard, hard
But I believe that's fair, fair, fair
It's hard, it's hard, it's hard
Can't you see that it's fair, see that it's fair
Hard, hard, hard
Gotta see that it's fair, see that it's fair
It's hard, hard, hard
Yeah, too damn hard, too damn hard, too damn hard
But it's fair, but it's fair, it's fair
It's fair, it's fair, it's fair
But it's fair, it's fair
But it's too damn hard, too damn hard
At the same time, it's too damn fair, shit
It's hard, it's hard, it's hard
They say that it's fair, say that it's fair, it's fair
Some say that it's fair, some say that it's fair
It's hard, it's hard
Some say that it's fair, it's fair
Hard, hard, hard, shit

[Verse 1]
I be breakin' you in a hundred percent times ten
Bitches they comin' and goin' pass on like the wind
Now and then hoes come with that shit to get you took
Scopin' you out for some other niggas who just a crook
She off the hook, would you look at that ass, a million dollars
Printed on the imaginary tag around her collar
Guess she think she gotta bug in my drink, let me tell it
Fuckin' around with me everything's about to fail ya
MJG pimp tight, don't stop, kill the lights
Got pussy stacks so high to sky it's outta sight
Keep it tight, nigga we comin' to get your ends
Same reason people be anxious to be ya friends
I be livin' in your lady's closet for nine days
Took her school, hit it 77 different ways
Way I display, don't give a fuck if whether ya care
If it's hip or not, bitches hard but it's fair

[Hook x2]
It's alright cause what I don't know I'ma learn
And what I ain't got I'ma earn
And when it' my turn, I'ma bring it to you hard but it's fair
Suck it up like it was part of the air
It's alright

[Verse 2]
I'm stuck right in the middle of shit that won't move
Lookin' to find space in the cracks and in the groove
My bitches ain't work till they heels ran down
Wrote tricks off in the past and they still can now
From blah, lettin' em' loose now feel em' blah
A hundred and five pounds per round in ya eye
I'm divin' on the deals that's real and makin' money
Shakin' loose the niggas and bitches who actin' funny
You coward ass niggas be swearin' you down with me
Soon as tables turn you lookin' to try to stick me
Swift and quickly, I'm tossin' you faggots up in a canyon
And scrapin' you up like fruit off the bottom just like some Dannon
Hell I'm handlin' what I'm supposed to be handlin' now what's ya purpose
See real niggas come with the truth you can't desert this
But I'ma wash this bitch up outta my hair
It may be hard nigga but that shit fair

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
Where the hoes at, now that I done got the bitches naked
Where they clothes at, look how they got out em' in a second
Why these niggas be cuffin' on a broad when she be freakin'
Shit you need to put some links in that chain so she can reach me
You been holdin' on that tramp ass slut for thirty days
Even though you know she crooked as hell, with dirty ways
I heard they say when you chat with her nigga the shit is fine
But when you try to do business with that nigga he cross the line
Listen nigga, it ain't no future in doin' crime
If you ain't some type of profit off the crime, see you blind
You ain't tryin' to keep no air in ya bubble, ya got ya chest out
Superboy, lookin for trouble tryin' to test out
The closest motherfucker ain't shit in common with you
Mad at everybody else cause you ain't got shit to do
You know the truth so when you see me either speak or you stare
You might get frightened cause it's hard but it's fair

[Hook x2]

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