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Havana Moon

Chant...Me all aloneJug of rumMe stand and wait for the boat to comeIs lonely night is quiet the darkThe boat she late it's 12 o' clockMe watches the tide easin' inIs low the moon and high the windHavana moonHavana moonMe all aloneMe open the rumIs long the wait for the boat to comeAmerican girl come back to meSail way across the seaWe dock in new york the buildings highWe find a home up in the skyHavana moon...Havana moon...[Havana Moon lyrics on]Me still alone me drinkin' the rumBegin to think that the boat no comeAmerican girl she tell a lieShe say till then, but she mean goodbyeHavana moon...Havana moon...Me lay down alone, no good the rumMe fall asleep and the boat she comeThe girl she look till come the dawnShe weep and she cryReturn for homeThe whistle blow me open my eyesBright the sun blue the skyMe grab me shoes, me jump and me runMe see the boat head for horizonHavana moon is gone da rumThe boat she sail me love she goneHavana moon...Havana moon...

Date Added: 2007-08-31
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