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Ho's A Housewife

Yo, this is for the bitches!!
(Beoch)(nigga, just blaze the weed)
(conversation in background)
He just can't tell em apart
So, I hollered at the lil' homey Marl
(Snoop Dogg) I said what the fuck? man
Let's spit this nigga some game

I had a dream of hoes, I had to screen my hoes
I've seen my hoes in all kinds of clothes
Lil' almond joy, I'd sure enjoy
If you blew my balls, right through my drawers
Come up to the mansion, chill at the stop
>From the way she be blowing, I know she does it a lot
I have a eight and a half, nine and three quarters
The hoes starting callin, when I start boss ballin
Give me some head, give me some cash, give me some ass
Pass it to Daz, pass it to Snoop, or pass it to Nate
Hoes eat dick like eggs and steak
And ain't shit new, I thought you knew
I knew you would, you wish you could
Break a G down, break me down
But I'ma see you on the rebound, DP style

Now this, this, is, one of them occasions
Where the homey's not doing it right
I mean he found him a hoe that he like
But you can't make a hoe a housewife
And when it all boils down you go find in the end
A bitch is a bitch, but a dogg is a man's best friend
So what you found a hoe that you like
But you can't make a hoe a housewife

Now there's bitches of all kinds, races and creeds
Bitches ain't shit, bitches eat dick
Take a second look, I can't stand a hoe that can't cook
While you betting on niggas, setting on niggas
And you tell 'em all this bullshit, you so in love
Hoe please, I know you didn't think I didn't, no tease
I'm a G, hoe, you should have know now
I'ma holla at you, feena get my dick blown back
And you can do the same thing, the homies don't mind
Just give 'em the word, and they'll be waiting in line (I'm next)
I can see right through you, do you, cause you want to do me
Besides right now I'm in the bitches eating coochie
Psychadelic high, bitch!
Real G's do it like this, and I'm coming through with
A fifth of some bomb ass sticky
Just to get a bomb ass quicky
Niggas like fucking hoes that give 'em hickies
Really? Nigga that's silly, you can't make a hoe a housewife
And I ain't got to tell you twice
How could ya respect ya bitch, before you check ya bitch
Niggas like me and the homies might connect ya bitch
Got diamond studded pimp rings, hoes on the strip man
Lots of cash to get man, lots of game to spit man
It's a pimp thing


(Kurupt talkin)

I mean, man, I found so many hoes, yuo know
I ran across so many hoes you know
I said 'Yo, baby' 'Yo, my lady' 'Yo, my bitch'
Yo, check it out, yo
All you hoes (All you hoes)
All these bitches now a days
I been noticing motherfuckers, man, I mean
It's like they want to set it off (set it off)
But don't set it off on me, motherfucker (Why?)
I ain't did nothing to you (Did you?)
I want to make you better
I want to include you, baby, in the program (seclude you)
Oh!(oh) But yet in still (yet in still)
You wanna act like a bitch, bitch!(bitch)
Lil' bitch! (Lil' bitch!)
Yo, if you goin' be a bitch, be a bitch
Be a bitch (dont' be no bitch) Be a bitch, bitch!
Lil bitch, I've met so many hoes, so many bitches
What's wrong with these hoes? What's wrong with these bitches?
( I met a skank-ass, skallywag, trick, tramp, hussy, heffer)
I'ma feena let my homeboy Joe Montana speak to the hoes,
Speak to the hoes man,

(Joe Montana)
Oh my god, oh my god, Joe Montana
You know me, Joe Montana, eh listen!(Eh listen!)
Joe Motherfuckingtana got the hoes man,
I got the fucking coochie,
I got the coochie and the loochie and I'm fucking em all night
Woke her up again, bitches Godi rollin you up(Bitches!)
I'm fucking hoes up, yeah

Ayo listen, I'm spittin game
Look, eh listen
The only thing I want is you
And if I can't have you, then you can't me
And me is the world, and if you want the world
Then roll, and if you can't roll throught the worst break
Through the worst pop, then you's a fucking hoe, really though
Kurupt Ho's A Housewife

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