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Hood Sprung

[Hook x2]
I'm hood sprung, street starve
Money hungry, I ain't giving up
Till I get mine, I got Glock 9
And if you come down to it
Imma take mine

[Verse 1]
I've never been soft, I always go hard
I went to street school, that's why I'm street smart
Never been a lame, than a grown mane
Fourteen, fifteen I been selling 'caine
Camber in the chamber, in case nigga try me
Never was a hot, you just need to know where to find me
While here on the block, goons on deck
Real talk bruh, I will daft them my respect
Nigga with an attitude, ready to wanna who
Ever got the nuts, to get their fucking issue fool
It's money in the hood, I ain't going no work
Cause a hood sprung nigga
Hustle here, hustle there

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
I been out here out these streets, taking what's mine
No matter what I have to do, bro I gotta shine
Bro I gotta eat, fuck being broke
I can't be what these niggas are out here, just wanna smoke
I got a folks , I got a thief
Nigga feel my pain, I will get six .38 for this nigga to your brain
Cause fool where I'm from, niggas straight starving
Praying for the bless, and they hope it will come tomorow
Nigga ain't got a dollar, plan to start robbing
Convicted felons so we can't get no jobs in
Mama need rent, the baby need milk
Mane somebody gots shake for somebody get chill

[Hook x2]

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