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Hood Story

[Verse 1]
Lemme tell a lil' story, about this dude I knew, he said -
Used to go to school out in L.I.U, he said -
He'd make me a bet, he'd own his own jet, and he'd
Show me the city,from a bird's eye view, said he -
Came from Jamaica, he had a lil' paper
He owned a couple acres, and then I caught the vapors
That's how we got together, on the bike -
Late night, Kawasaki leathers (Ah huh!) He used to -
Wine and dine me,dom and sex and we be -
Arm and armor, 'Mani dress and see I ain't need
A leprechaun, or four leaf clover, I just -
Woke up one morning,and he copped the Rover, see? -
I knew about them girls, he had back then, but -
I was getting money, I ain't care bout them, cause -
They was getting G's, I had M's, I used to -
Split my dividends, with all my friends, cause -
I was in the lounge, they was in the Greyhound, like -
In and out of town,moving coke by the pound, like
Guess it didn't sound right, cause them bitches was mad -
Started plotting, trying to get what I had, see -
My homegirl Teisha, said that Keisha with the -
Real black lips, used to smoke that reefer, some -
Bitch, named Dawn, used to fuck LaiQwan and
Alicia with the chinky eyes, used to be with freaky Ty
Lived across the street, from this nigga named Tiki Diamond
Yeah, chicken noodle bitches, like a pack of Ramen
They had it out for me, kidnapped my brother
At the rucker, cause he used to put it down for me

[Talking: Nicki Minaj]
Oh my God, they caught Brandon, I got his picture in the mail
He was rocking a Vanson, the note said
"Bitch, we got surveillance on the mansion and we gonna need thirty million for the ransom"

[Talking: man]

To be continued...

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