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How Long

It's so hard just waitin'But I guess that's what I have to doMy poor heart keeps on breakin'With every moment I'm away from youI know you're smart takin'Your time¡®cause of what it cost youOnce beforeBut it's not then and I loveYou a lotNow and foreverChorus:How long do I wait before you make up your mindHow long I wonderHow long before you take away the hardest of timesHow long I wonderIt's unfair when two who careHave to face such a perilous sea[How Long lyrics on]Despair lingers everywhereLike a cloud nobody can reachI understand you're afraid of it allLove is one hell of a stepI'll be there if you panic or fallNo matter what the depthRepeat chorusSoloAll I can say I've already saidMore than a thousand timesIt's up to you to believeEvery wordBefore I lose my mindRepeat chorus

Date Added: 2007-07-24
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