Babyface - I'll Be There Lyrics

I'll Be There

Written by babyface, el debarge (1994)Performed by el debargeBaby, baby love's a mysterySo hard to defineDarling, darling more than I can seeLove is so blindSo many times he left you all night longDon't make no sense for you to carry onJust give me a chance to know yaI just want a chance to know yaAll my love I'll give to youAnd girl, when we're throughI'll be thereCall my name if you should want meI'll come a running to you, babyI'll be around, always around for youLong as you want me toDarling, darling you can look for me[I'll Be There lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]And I can be foundSugar, sugar you can lean on meYou know that I'm downAll you've had too much to carry on your ownBut from now on you'd never walk aloneI'll shelter you in my armsCover you with my charmsAll my love I give to youAnd girl, when we're throughI'll be thereHook 2 timesJust like a damsel in distressNeeding someone who would fight for herWell, baby I wouldI know I couldI'll be your knight in shining armorI will rescue youHook 3 times

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