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I'm All That

Intro: K-E on the track, ok ok ya im all that, ok ya im all dat, ok ya im all that, "Soulja Boy Tellem"

Chorus: I step in the club whats up, ya im all that YA! ya im all that, ya ya im all that, Freshly go with the jeans... ya im all dat, Ya ya im all that Ya ya im all that

Verse 1: Im the shit,
ya im the man,
I spent a couple mill
you spent a couple grand
im in the airport
with bout a hundred racks
i hired me a person just to kiss my ass
i hired another person just to hold my shoppin bags,
i bought another mansion just to make my haters mad
dre tell them
my swag is on another level
send my watch to my jeweler
and tell him add another belt


Verse 2: ok, on the highway Lamborghini key wid her
flyin down the highway got some 30 on my vehicle
black on black plus black on black plus black on white
is chess board Chess boy,
grab yo chick undress her,
im frontin on my head board
her jacket match the leopard
i think i broke a brand new record,
my Dj broke his record
Swag by the numeral
diamonds by the decimal
my chain is exclamation points


Verse 3: Ok Ok i cant help myself
interscope wanna sign so bad they gave me a fucking blank check..
Swag riches on deck
SOD money Gang
300 Carrots on my neck
pull up in the parkin lot
that shit look like my garage
soulja tellem go hard
go head
no Flob
real talk bitch
i got more soldiers then a president 150 thrones celebrated to yo residents


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