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I'm Back

[Verse 1 ]
Yo, guess who's back up on the scene?
It's the microphone fiend
We're something like a new tag-team
If I'm Rakim then Mike Clark's Eric B
Heartbeat's when the base line drops
Riding on the stair and I ain't gon' stop
Zombie King with a board in the head
B.L.A.Z.E. yeah, back from the dead

All of us were murdered away
Although the chosen king will return to say:
I'm back from the dead (Ya dead homie)
I'm back from the dead (Ya dead homie)
All of us have needed a king
So if you return, just grab your wings
I'm back from the dead (Ya dead homie)
I'm back from the dead (Ya dead homie)

[Verse 2]
I'm back from the dead, fuck what you said
I'll say it one more time so ain't nobody mislead
Fuck what you said, I'm out the coffin
Often the suckers that be talking is the ones I be jocking out
First minute of the ten round bout
Running off at the limit stuck the foot in your mouth
I'm reved out the dirt of the urb to return
To the top of the world, in the spot that I earned
This is my spot now, all ho's bow
To the O.G. been to the grave and out
Some folks shout, but I can't blame 'em
I'm like a gladiator, I was sent to entertain 'em
Saying all punks and chumps at my arrival
Blaze Ya Dead Homie is back, it's my revival
Back from the grave, crazy in the head
Blaze Ya Dead Homie and I'm back from the dead


[Verse 3]
I busted out the casket, with a hatchet
I place in the shed, so later we can pass it
When I broke out shit done changed
The hood lost their nuts to pigs, shit strains

I'm back and you offended
You thought my time has ended
Now that I am ascended
To hell which you're pretending...


[Verse 4]
I'm back on the block, it was hot, but now it's cold
Because I'm out cold on these trife ass hoes
Take my six inch, a zombie, outta limit
My home is a twilight zone, and you ain't fucking with it


[Verse 5]
I'm back to reclaim the throne I left vacant
Been gone a minute, but I need to put my steak in
Take back everything and all I ever had and more
Rose out the grave but now it's time for me to soar!


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