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I'm Moving On

I told my baby once upon a timeYou will be yours mamaI will be mineWell that's alrightOoh well I mean that's alrightEvery now and then I wonderWho's ( ? )I told you baby long time agoI need you mamaWell don't be slowWell that's alrightDon't love me no more that's alrightEvery now and then I wonderWho's ( ? )Well that big big wheel rollin' down the trackNeed a true lovin' daddy[I'm Moving On lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]Ain't drive you madI'm movin' onYeah I'm movin' on( ? )I'm movin' on ohWarned you baby from time to timeYou just don't listen( ? )I'm movin' onI keep movin' onI'm through with you too bad you're blueWell I'm movin' onHey!

Date Added: 2007-09-20
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