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I'm Sorry

Woke up this morning I was thinking bout Aria
I had to get on my knees they just don't know that I'm sorry
Know MoMo listening everytime Papa talk to me, he say I need to slow down fore' I get put in a coffin
My cousin Bre she keep it real and be ready, she say that she gone pray for me but I just know that she scared for me
I gotta listen cause they just tryna help me, with all my heart so I love em' because I know that they care for me
We stuck together nigga that's how we came up
Before youngboy beaming ain't nobody wanna fuck with us
Delecia told me she proud that I'm coming up
I couldn't so nun but smile bout the fact it was coming from her
Thinking bout Star, I can't get caught up loving her
Even tho that I'm fuckin her, gotta watch how I fuck with her
No, I can't put my trust in her, I can't trust nobody
Somebody I can depend but myself cause I got me
Call Lil Ben, know he got me right or wrong behind my gang I'ma still catch a body
Quick to speak up on some shit and they don't know nun about it
I'm just tryna live life, do a show rock a party
Pressed about how I started
We wasn't meant to be it is what it is and it hurt me so bad I swear I want shed a tear
Nigga play with my cousin, I bet he want play again
People faker than a bitch that's why I cut off my friends

I said I'm sorry, sorry, sorry
I say I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry
I said I'm sorry, sorry, sorry
I say I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry

Date Added: 2017-08-21
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