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I'ts Hard 2 Be Black

"They judge us by the color of our skin
But not by the content of our character"
Some of the realest sh-- I ever heard

So hard being black (black)
So hard being me (me)
So hard being C (C, C)
(T-Rhythm x5)

[Verse 1: Boozie Badazz]
It's hard to be black and even harder
When your money flowing like water
Son won't be a thug
So some won't be his father
Judge he turned his nose up, [?]
Life with no parole, how they sell us is black
9 times out of 10, we killing our own kind
Liquor stores on every corner to kill us in due time
I ain't lying my race got no peace
Uh, shoot me in the back but run from the police
It's so hard being me- a successful nigga
Got these devils pissed off at my complexion, nigga
Cause I'm black seem like it's so hard to get high
Cause I'm black seem like it's easier to get fired
Cause I'm black seem like it's easier to get time
Same charge
White boy- 5
Me, my boy- 99
Obama ain't lying
You made it hard for a nigga
Any black nigga with power
They trying to slaughter a nigga
It's hard

[Hook: C-Murder] x2
These days it's hard to be black
Gotta watch my back
They see me running in packs
Cause nowadays, it's hard to be black

[Verse 2: C-Murder]
I see the boys in the making in my building
Children, no pop guns, yeah, they got real ones
Nobody feel them, but me, yeah I really feel them
That's why I'm still in the 'jects and I got millions
We lost souls headed for hell, the cross roads
Genocide, don't care if I die, nigga my heart froze
I smoke [?] I'm killing myself with the same Glock
I can't stop, I got that thing under my tank top
So I roam like [?] to clear my head
I drink a beer and shed a tear, plus my momma said
Boy you gon' die soon
So I look up at the moon
And I say fuck it with the middle finger, I'm a goon

[Hook: C-Murder] x2

[Verse 3: Snoop Dogg]
You see the system was designed to keep us all down
That's why it's up to me to never let them turn it around
Burning it down
My sound go cray through it
Put a real team to it
Don't dream, do it
See, we got to be a little more careful
It's getting unbearable
This shit is so terrible
Now take a look in the mirror
It seems like you can't see what I see
So let me make it more clearer
It's hard being black
Give us all that fame, then you take it right back
Now how we 'posed to act
Now we can't work, can't eat like that
These are rules of the game
They build you up and knock you down
And leave you full of ashame
Gravy and Bisquick
When you're black
It's a fact
Living life is optimistic

[Hook: C-Murder] x2

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