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I Don't Like

I can eat pork 'til the cows come come
And cheese like it's going out of style
I like just about every type of vegetable
I like raisins, and nuts, and seeds, and olives,
And pickles, and fruit, and beef, and bread,
But I don't like... salmon.

I've jumped from a plane with a parachute
Scuba'd to the ocean floor
Driven super fast in a racing car
I've bungee jumped, and zip lined too,
I've crossed rope bridges over raging rivers
But I don't like... those spinny rides
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I can fly my very own aeroplane
And I've been to the top of mountains
I've been to the top of mountains
I've been to the top of the CN Tower
I can work on a ladder, I can climb a tree
I can look out the window of a really tall building
But if I stand close to the edge of a railing, or up on a roof or something I realize
I don't like... heights so much

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