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I Don't Know What You Heard

I Don't Know What You Heard
I Don't Know What You Heard
Shit I really sold 'em packs
Lost it all then I made it right back
I Don't Know What You Heard
Everything I say on these beats
Is exactly what I'm doin in the streets
I Don't Know What You Heard
We still hit the club and ball out
Pissy drunk untill we home to kick the sack
I Don't Know What You Heard
It's somethin' European everytime
Pistol on me with that Money on my mind
So I Don't Know What You Heard

[Verse 1:]
I Don't Know What they told ya But nigga we soldiers
Keep one in the chamber off safety no holsters
My niggas'll toast ya knock your head off your shoulders
When you hear the "BLACKAH BLACKAH BLACKHA" it's over
I Run your shit over, We take over Traps boy
Runnin' through a nigga neighbourhood with the gat boy
You niggas get back blown, y'all ain't got no back bones
We Get it from Decatur all the way out 2 Bowen Homes
I Heard that you got paid now, that shit'll get you laid out
That Cali plugs so sweet my shit made out
I'm on my low ride, We move how G's move
So pay attention to the gangsta shit that we do

[Verse 2:]
I Talk that shit then I live that shit
Broad day shootin' I done did that shit
SL 5 I wear my shit
Fiends lined up like I grill my shit
Real street niggas gonna feel my shit
Started from the grind I built my shit
Four Five already I tote that shit
Got purp' on deck I Don't smoke that shit
Nigga get to yappin then a nigga get laid
We out here Trappin so we tryna get paid
I Ain't never been played better watch what you say
Have a 100 niggas sitting outside where you stay
Ton I'm layin and Ton I'm gone
Dog ass nigga we just lookin' for a bone
Starvin' out here so I gotta keep a chrome
If nigga get bread then a nigga get Dome
You in a war zone boy this shit here serious
Better mind your business ain't cool to be curious
European steerin' Keep a nigga bitch starin'
Money keep comin' so the Diamonds keep glarin'
Nigga we sharin' the whole team eat
If Dolla bust a bitch so the whole team beat
Your whole team weak better h to h
Better relocate cus we know where you stay

[Verse 3: x2]
Ey Nigga I Grind
And I Grind
And I Grind
And I Grind
And I Grind
I Grind
Ey Nigga I Shine
And I Shine
And I Shine
And I Shine
And I Shine
I Shine

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