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I Hope She`s Drinkin` Tonight

[Verse 1]
She hadn't called, she ain't been around
Just got a text, somebody saw her out downtown
In that little bar where we used to go
If she's still the same girl I used to know
She's havin' a good time
Sippin' Jack and Coke with a lime

If she's a little bit tipsy
She just might tell me she's missed me
With any luck, she'll kiss me
Tastin' like whiskey
I hope she's drinkin' tonight, she'll need a ride
And I'll have a Chevy waitin' right outside
I'll fire it up and I'll take her home
Turn off thе lights and turn that record on
I hope she's drinkin' tonight

[Verse 2]
I'm pullin' up and I'm gеttin' out
And I'm hopin' she's orderin' another round
Because I know that my only chance
Is if she's holdin' one in her
Hand on that dance floor

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Date Added: 2022-07-25
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