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"oh, I"

Woke up this morning with a naked woman like I was makin' a porno
But I I I I can't remember how she made it to my bed
I gotta figure it out before she wake up in my ah I I I
Shit I gotta get her gotta get her outta here
I swear the game plan was for her to be in and out of here but
It didn't go that way and so I called up spitta
Cause he liked her anyway when he saw her earlier
That's how we do it how we did her
Young money in this bitch
Fuck them hoes, fuck them niggas chyea
And I know that they can't fuck with me because of the
Way I am so comfortably running the

I'm fly like a void in the sky
I can borrow anything that money can't buy
I can turn a ni
I can do just anything whenever my soliders die

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