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I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For [specia

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For [specia
C: "Now, we're up to our long-distance
Dedication. And this one is about kids
And pets, and a situation that we can all
Understand, whether we have kids, or pets
Or neither. It's from a man in Cincinatti
Ohio. And here's what he writes:
"'Dear Casey, This may seem to be a strange
Dedication request, but I'm quite sincere
And it'll mean a lot if you play it
Recently, there was a death in our family
He was a little dog named Snuggles
But he was most certainly a part of...'"
Let's co...Let's start again...from, comin'
Out of the record... Play the record, okay?...
CBJ: You can't get on the
Frequency that I'm on
Ya dumb son of a bitch
C: "That's the letter U, and the numeral 2
The four-man band features Adam Clayton
On bass, Larry Mullen on drums, Dave Evans
Nicknamed 'The Edge', on..." ...this is bullshit
Nobody cares...these guys are from England
And who gives a shit?!
CBJ: Oh, yeah...
C: It's a lot of wasted names
That don't mean diddly-shit!
CBJ: I... Fer sure, fer sure
You guys don't know where he's at
You don't know shit about him...
C: This is bullshit, this is bullshit...
CB1: Sounds like he's
Portable, too
C: Who gives a shit, who gives a shit?
WCB: Yeah, it is close...
C: Diddly shit, diddly shit
Diddly shit, diddly shit
CBJ: Yeah...
WCB: Damn right
C: Nobody cares!
WCB: It's been getting
Stronger all the time here...
C: Snuggles
CBJ: Yeah...
C: Snuggles
CBJ: Oh, yeah...
C: Snuggles
CBJ: Oh, yeah, OK...
C: He was a little dog
Named Snuggles
[Dog barking]
C: This is American Top 40
This is American Top 40
This is bullshit, bullshit, bullshit
CBJ: Ahhh, ya can't get ahold
Of me, ya little fuckin' twerp
Cocksucker... [whistle] Fuck you!
CB2: So when we find ya
We want your blood
CBJ: Here we go with the shit
"Tryin' to find 'im" again, "Oh
When we find 'im..." You goddamn
Haven't found, you couldn't find
Your fuckin' asshole if your fuckin'
Butt wasn't connected to it...
Buncha fuckin' white-ass honkeys
Man, ya can't find shit, stupid
CB2: I wanna meet you...
Definitely, I don't think you
Got the fuckin' balls
CBJ: You haven't found anybody
Anywhere, anytime. You never have
Given out his correct address, his
Fuckin' right-on description, or a
Car, or nothin'. You got some fuckin'
Bullshit info... Ha, you haven't done
Shit with 'im
CB1: We didn't find you yet?
We really didn't find you
The first time?
CBJ: When was the first time, huh?
When was the first time? Hey, why
Don't you give out his, his address
An' what he looks like, and his car
And all that fuckin' information
Goddamn, you got somebody there, I
Dunno who, but go ahead and get all
That shit outta you, why don't you
Go over there and knock on his fuckin'
Door man, ya, ya think ya know where
He's at and all this shit...
C: ...See, when you come out of those
Up-tempo goddamn numbers, man, it's
Impossible to make those transitions...
And then ya gotta go into somebody dyin'...
[Dog growls]
C: Goddammit if we can't come outta
A slow record, I don't understand it...
CBJ: [unintelligible]
C: Why are we doing these instrumentals?
Cause we got 'em? I don't understand it
V1: This is also nothing new
C: I don't understand it
V1: This is also nothing new
C: I don't understand it
CBJ: [unintelligible]
V1: I think that people read
More into the music than
Is really there...
C: Will somebody find out
The goddamn answer?
V1: In the 50's, they considered
It vulgar and despicable to have songs
Like "Teach Me Tonight," "Let's Do It"
By Cole Porter, "All of You" by Cole
Porter--those were considered
Euphemisms for something dirty
C: Who gives a shit?
V1: Some vulgar, dirty act
C: Diddly shit, diddly shit!
V1: The Kingston Trio sang a song
That used the word "damn". It was
Banned on the radio
C: Goddammit!
V1: In the 60's, there was a song
Called "Louie Louie"...
C: Goddammit!
V1: was played upside
C: Goddammit!
V1: ...every way they could play it
Looking for the dirty message
C: Goddammit!
V1: They never found the dirty message;
The FCC was brought in
C: Oh, Fuck!
V1: Uhh, in the 70's, people went
Through the same period, looking for
The dirtiness of the song
S (Coven): SATAN!...HAIL, SATAN!
V1: I...waaat?
S: HAIL!...[Whssshhh]
V1: I...
S: HAIL!...[Whssshhh]
V1: I.. I really don't think that
The Satanic message is there...
CBJ: Go out an' fuckin'
Find him, man
C: Snuggles
CB2: Be prepared to meet your Maker...
C: Fuck!
CB2: I'm after your ass, boy
CBJ: Aaaur, sounds like one of
Those gay Bay boys...
C: Snuggles
CB2: Definitely. Meet me at
Mohr Lane and, uh, Monument
I'll personally meet you
C: Fuck!
CB2: You'll see me...
C: Snuggles
CB2: ...I'll be wearin' a red
And white baseball cap, says "ABC
Auto Parts" on it
C: OK...
CB2: Can't miss me, son
C: OK...
CBJ: Oh, he sounds like a real
Fancy dresser now, doesn't he, ha, ha?
C: OK...
CB2: I'm gonna whup your fuckin' ass
C: OK, I want a goddamn concerted effort
To come out of a record that isn't a
Fucking up-tempo record everytime I do a
Goddamn death dedication! It's the last
Goddamn time, I want SOMEBODY to use his
Fuckin' brain, to not come out of a
Goddamn record that is, uh, that, that's
Up-tempo and I gotta talk about a fuckin'
Dog dying!!!
CB3: That guy gets himself
Into so much shit!
CB1: ...stupid shithead again...
CB3: Who knows? He might be the
Straightest kid in town
C: Boy, is this fuckin' ponderous, man
Ponderous, fuckin' ponderous
CB3: Eat shit and die, Richard!
C: "This is American Top 40, right here
On the radio station you grew up with
Music Radio 138..." Oh, Fuck!
CB1: Oh, fuck you, Liz...
CB3: Well, fuck You Too, Richard
CB1: Auuuw, fuck you, Liz!
CB3: Fuck You Too, Richard!
CB1: You'd like to, yeah
Wouldn't ya?
CB3: Oh, I'm such a nice
Kid, though
Dave Watson, Severed Heads Liberation Front (Re-release the _Stretcher_ EP!)
"A man is measured by the depth of his anger."--Eddie
Abstinance is great, when practiced in moderation

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