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I Wanna Rock

Snoop Dogg, what we talkin bout
Snoop Dogg, put your hands up
Snoop Dogg, yeah come on
I wanna rock right now
I wanna I wanna rock right now (x2)

[Verse 1:]
Guess who’s back dat’s Kurupt in ya face wad up
Yo sick and wondering where I reside the ra di da da
It’s tha dog pound flava you know i had to do it
It’s that g-ness that gangsta music
You see i do it like I do then I do it like a rolla
The homie joe gettin posted and hangin on a corner
Goin back, forth, forth and back side
Side, side to side, we do it on this side a the map
West coast got the best smokes, dealing with sandy dokes
Snoop dogs in the house what up louke
Huh, it’s nothin but a come up
You wanna rock with the dogs you betta not run up
Caz everyday on my block is like a holiday
Dogg pound gangstas that’s all I gotta say
Homie you wiffin that bull I’ll pull you full a holes
I’ll stab you on ya back and tell ya vamonos

I wanna rock right now
I wanna I wanna rock right now
What’s up
I wanna rock right now
I wanna I wanna rock right now
What’s up what we talkin bout
Snoop Dogg, come on [x2]
Put ya hand up
Hey [x5]
I wanna rock right now
I wanna I wanna rock right now

[Verse 2:]
It’s a rack up boy I’m in for it
That’s spinach coatin test the ropes are rollin
I’m hard to follow with all the homies
High up hellacopters with all the homies
My intention’s to get it all by my lonely
Murder dogs, murder hogs and all ya homies
Doin it big I’m in the gig me and D.A.Z
Snoopy over there sprawling, hall em, stall em, all em
Fallin all the way from here to spanish harlem, call em
Young Mazorotti, Gotti I keep it twerkin got the party poppin everybody jerkin
You living the dream yes indeed I am two to the chest now call the ambulance
I’m smashing on these fools breakin all the rules
Tell em who we talkin bout and what we wanna do


[Verse 3:]
Snoop Dogg chillin lookin like a million
Yeah a nigga got it amma leave it to my children
Tonight I’m on some other shit and baby lovin it
Hella fast rip that ass like the other nigga
I’m gold up boy, rich as fuck boy
Flaggin gold brakes that’s my truck boy
I’m on my east side shit I’m working
I got the party goin and it’s jerkin
My niggas all on we rollin out back
Hoes just gettin in you betta pick a bitch
Cause when I shut it down the part over with
She call me superman I’m on my solider shit
Boss Dogg get em I sick em and take home
West coast bitch I’m on my fuckin throne
I’m diggin on these hoes do em like dominoes
And slam em on they backs until they mama knows


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