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If U See It

If you see it you want it if you want it then get it
I'm just trying to get my money up
I'm just tryin to make it happen quick
Im in this bitch for the fuck of it

[Verse 1]
If you see it you want it
If you want it then get it
Marinate for a minute
Take some time out to get it
In a minute I’m finished
Im in this get it to split it
(with who?) with all of my niggas
Every one of them win it
As my kids grow, the more imma get it
Relentless business village of villains and chemists
I got this mixture to the perfect fixture
Im in your house like light fixtures
Chairs and pictures
What you don't know, the more you know
The more your family’s in danger like you
Cuz I know homies who came just like you
They was all in the game for the fame just like you
A mountain of money you went for the honey
I'm in for the money nigga you fake and you funny
I take me a trip, see the world from a ship
I bought three of them before Im back at the crib


[Verse 2]
Baby mamas, they always got drama
But I dont trip, just live how I wanna
I want me a woman thats into doing shit right
Im at the age where im spending the rest of my life
With someone I adore, supposed to get more
Together we’ll create the wave that run to the shore
I tell you one thing that I learned when I was about four
I loved seeing things I’ve never seen before
I make money rise like pies and cakes
Its hard for you to rise you make too many mistakes
Now Im here to make the earth shiver and shake
We’ll be out in Canada perimeter quake
The whole epicenter of the damaging quake
Is here in Los Angeles the land of the great
I make me a trip see the world from a ship
I bought three of them before im back at the crib


You know, I don't wanna take you off your pivot my nigga
Keep pushing its all we got you understand me our integrity and out respect

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