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In Memory Of Shadows' Madame

It's said you came when the weary sky was sinkinginto its eternal sleepAnd that only your cry would have announced a new dawnMistress of the air shaking the fronds of icy hillswho at dawn caresses the bare branches of foggy plainsYou grew up as a lonely witness of existence's foolish theatreOn your visage the signs of a gloomy memoryYour lips wound false innocents' hearingwith painful truths and biting sentencesYou knew the inner pleasure of sensesthe poetry of wind, the secret of fireYour will has the strength of thunderYour spirit the impetus of the final fightOh great mother who lavishes love generating hateEnchanting muse of unspeakable fanciesYou will rise again from the asheswrapping the great catastrophesPure, joyful and immortal Darkness and light will eternallyfollow you in the temple of the new dreamsIn memory of Shadows' Madame.
Cadaveria In Memory Of Shadows' Madame

Date Added: 2007-12-27
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Cadaveria The Shadows' Madame Album Lyrics
The Shadows' Madame
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