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In My Life

It's nothin', Prefix, go!
Bitch, my name is Weezy F Baby
And you wanna know what the F is for?
That's cause I stay fresh, I I stay fresh
I stay fresh, yeah I stay fresh
You know I stay fresh, so fresh
I say, ain't I the coolest? Get at me!
My name is Weezy F Baby mu' fucka
And this is The Prefix, know what I'm talkin' 'bout?
Go get that Carter album too when it drops
It's supposed to be June 22nd or something
I don't know, it's up to Universal
But when it do drop, go get that shit
But right now, at this given place and time, I'm tired of you niggas
I need a bed everywhere I go to go to bed every time I hear the bullshit
I'm tired of this shit man, I'm tired of that
It's gon' be real fucked up when I get sick and tired of you niggas
I'mma throw up on one of you boys
How would you like that, huh?
Get trashbags for you, cause you're garbage

[Verse 1]
It's your boy Weezy, from Hollygrove I'm still loc'in
I'm Mannie fresh from the t-shirt to the Forces
Pink got my feet wet, bitch I'm still soakin'
Steppin' out ashy, I need a little lotion
You niggas funny, you gotta be jokin'
My Glocks speak out and the bullets outspoken
I take a week out on the map of the ocean
Way in the middle of the Atlantic I'm tokin'
Just in case one of these niggas jaws open
I jaws 1-2-3-4 bow him
They say he gotta be seasick, how he spit
Keep kickin' it, but you'll never see my knee bent
They got a [?] that I'm deep in
Little niggas I started went off the deep end
But I ain't trippin', I just keep my gun
I got 99 problems and a bitch ain't one
I got 99 partners and a snitch ain't one
I got 99 bitches and I don't love one
My 1999 bitches I been done
In 2000 it was mine, now that's his son
Go Weezy, that's what the freaks say
He like head when he ridin' on the freeway
And them threeways on a weekday
I stopped fuckin' with a girl on her P day
I'm playin', I take you to a whole 'nother land
Get you a Tiffany band
Yo, I got one with a [?] band
If you're sick of me stuntin' then I hope you die sufferin'
In the city dolo most of the time
Since a nigga say I want most of the shine
I hit your head really open your mind
Rude boy dreads, I'm red smokin' a pine
I take a bath with your ho and mine
And make a little butter so it go in fine
I flow tough, you can't go with mine
Message to Miss Cita, I'm focused mom

[Hook] x2
If y'all see them boys tonight
Wait 'til they come up out of them lights
Make 'em come up off of that ice
Bring it back to the hood and flip they shit twice

[Verse 2]
Get your shit sliced
Boy, get your ho card swiped
Credit or debit pussy, I decline your life
[?] payin' your pipe I [?] Medula
Writin' to Rocafella, protectin' the mozzarella
With the toaster strudel, you niggas is noodles
I'm just tryin' to get my palms on that parmesan
You know the usual, pop smoke and neutral
Cop coke and move, no hustler 'til my boot [?]
We are not mutual, we are not pupils
We are not peoples, you are not eagle
You're not Cash Money or Young Money either
You're thinkin' I'mma beat you, I'm thinkin' where should I leave you
I'm legal, respected like a Visa
Kick early game to your bitch like cold pizza
Yeah, I let you know [?]
I am a product, [?] behind 'em yeah
I'm kinda hot, but she don't mind
You might shoot once, I'll bang 3, 4 times
5, 6, 7-8-9
The 10'll empty it, that's the one that I kill you with
Weezy F Baby flow genuine
The track screamin' just like my bitch, "Boy, you killin' it!"
Weezy F Baby flow genuine
The track screamin' just like my bitch, "Boy, you killin' it!"


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