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In The City

[Jae Millz]
Nigga. I'm from a city full of pity these niggas are silly
Kill you in Harlem hit the turnpike in lower Philly
And these little niggas ain't got books in their book bags
Your next neighborhood killer might be who you look past
Get it right before you get left
And sent to the upper room cause your ass couldn't calm down
Rewind me back and you notice I'm trying to warn you
Before your collarbone be what hollows are getting torn through
Play gangasta tonight and you won't see the morn' dew
And the whole next month would be something mother mourn through
God forgive me I know Thou shalt not kill
But id rather him than Millz so if I gotta I will

[Lil Wayne]
I'm from New Orlean where the water never clean
So ima gonna shower in some fuckin gasoline
You fuckin with the monster everyday is Halloween
My choppers ain't no doctors but they taking out your spleen
No my riders ain't no robbers but they taking everything
From Mamas to baby Mamas to Papas and we goin to pop up with poppers and leg warmers, barrel way down my jeans
My nigga ain't no fire but I'm a blaze everything
I'm that hollygrove roster and my number 17
Eastside bitch, thats where I come up as a teen
But now I'm the man, and now I'm the man
And this is my land Lilweezyana and New Orleans In the City

[Short Dawg]
H-Town sunnyside this my playground
Home of ... candy paint 808 sound
Styrofoam here it is If you make my syrup spill
Ima put my hands on you like a steering wheel
And we dont feel to kill cause this the pace to cop the work
The cop's a jerk got it so hot its comin out my shirt
You get your mama merked, You know the Glocks will squirt
Cause niggas going out the shrooms and those hoes will pop the purse
Houston Texas who harder than us
With a hundred thousand flipped dope boys get a rush
Hunch of codine and we pour it in the cup, now everybody slower than the short yellow bus
Now everybody know that the boy is the truth
Stay down I team next door to the booth
Ill tell you 16th east exits side street right past is where we roll is where you find me

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