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In The Kitchen

[Verse 1]
When I walk in the kitchen, my heart hits the floor
'Cause it's you that I'm missin', I still see a vision of us cookin' dinner
And you holding me from behind (From behind)
And you say, "Please be careful, the knife is so big
And we can't have another ER trip
We're too young, too dumb, too in love to afford it" (To afford it)

And now it's just me and a hundred square feet of bittersweet memories
Deleted the playlist, but I still hear all your favorite melodies
Strangers to lovers to enemies
So I'll dance with your ghost in thе living room
And I'll play the piano alone
But I'm too scared to dеlete all our videos
'Cause it's real once everyone knows
Could've at least shown me some decency
Done me a favor and packed up your clothes
Fallin' in love, no, it ain't for the weak
So don't try this at home

[Verse 2]
The couch that we sat on back in New York
Has made its way, three thousand miles to LA
And these pillows been talkin'

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Date Added: 2022-07-25
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