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Intro (The Dedication)

Ay yo, what's really good [?] it's that nigga Weezy F. Baby. This right here is the motherfucking mixtape. Nah what I mean? The Dedication nigga. Gangsta Grillz. Long awaited man. Weezy and Drama. Y'all already know man we done finally hooked up. I hooked up with dude man and we about to make history. Hope you motherfuckers enjoy this shit. Hope y'all love it man. Me, my nigga Drama, my Young Money clique. Nah mean? The [?] and so much is this album right here man it's a dedication. We call this a dedication cause we dedicating this to everybody around the world man everybody who could relate around the world, especially this is a dedication to the fallen soldiers and speaking of the fallen soldiers, we must say that this is a dedication to my home boys so soon. Nah mean? This whole function, this whole thing is dedication to every nigga that lost their life, every nigga that can't live their life the way they want to live it, every nigga that's doing life a something behind their bar. Nah mean? Everything is everything. We gonna do it for y'all, we gon' also do it for us and we gon' do it cause we need to do it. Nah mean? It need to be done. Young Money in this motherfucker

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