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It's A Wrap

Well, I got to say, it's too hood for TV, it's real talk nigga!

[Verse 1: Kurupt]
Ain't nothing going on, but the rent
Especially since my money is spent
Looking out the window, it's about that time for you to see me
Let's get some real niggers banging, stop ganging on the weenies
I'm about to go all '85 on the niggers, locks and beanies!

[Chorus: Kurupt]
Hey nigga, where's the money?
What do you say nigga, got a 9 nigga, got a K nigga, spray nigga
I ain't doing nothing that important that a real nigga
Can't come see a nigga, all over her nigga
Put the lock, make them other niggers fall back
I'm a monster in my '85 Gotti gold pack
The Sopranos, New Millennium Vandals
Tony Montana, the hood Marlon Brando!

[Verse 2: Kurupt]
We think mechanical, and we're verbal mechanics
In the back trying to reconnect the blocks in the expanding slot

[Chorus: Kurupt]

[Verse 3: Kurupt]
It's a wrap, without the terrorists
Next plan, back to the houses, tagging an ex clan
It feels like the world's coming to an end
A nigga just killed two niggers
And died in the process, and all three of them was friends
The new millennium, death toll maximum murder rate
Back to '86, '87 and '88
I'm tired of playing games with the gang
I'm tired of interacting with lanes
I'm tired of the way people change
About to go on a fucking frenzy with the homies, the water, the K and the gauge
Tired of acting like shit's cool
Letting the radio or television dictate if shit's cool
That's the type of shit to bring the fool out of a fool
And start acting up names for the new motor pool
There's personal military mobile fire fumes

[Chorus: Kurupt]

It's a wrap!

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