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It's Like That

[Nas samples] (Hook)
"You know it's like that, you never get the mic back
I got it hemmed, When I...When I...attack
There ain't a army that could strike back"

Ayo, on hot summer days I sit under AC
Slow mo, bumping Jo-Jo KC
Life shit be the theme cut, clean cut image
When me and Ali teamed up you can't fuck with us
Fuck niggas if they can't accept it
Under paid need to check in the mail every twenty days
Watching the funny ways of them record execs (executives)
Get em hog tied and thrown in the trunk for a long ride
Never let a wrong slide, two wrongs don't make a right
Fuck your whole cassette, two songs don't make you tight
Need at least eight or nine of them, possibly ten
Stay rewinding em, they pop go then you cop one again
It don't stop until your pay checks gone
Bootleggers in the street wait for Nat's next song
I stay warm, until the day that I decide to cool off
Who lost?, we be the hottest muthafuckas out of New York

[Hook (Nas samples)]

[Ali Vegas]
Ayo, I kick poetic scriptures
Fake willies get Mote off bitches
I throw up at yo sister's on my quest for riches
Put some lead through snitches
I'm from the same home the Giants, Yankees, Mets, and Knicks is
Still surviving the block, putting pies in the pot
Nature still fighting with cops
Got real niggas that'll gag your wife with a sock
Get your little mans sliced with an ox
Risk life in the box, just to get near the ice on your watch
Stay with cool intentions, fuck trials and school suspensions
Only listen to rap if the jewels ain't mentioned
They know my pen is flawless like my women
Gorgeous Kim's in George Prince
Wolves stay with chrome four-fifths
I rap professionally now
Commentators ask the specialist how...
Long it took before perfecting my style
Even with a deal I got more bills than Destiny's Child
Y'all know it's like that, so fight back
I'm reckless and wild

[Hook (Nas samples)]

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