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It Ain`t Safe

[Intro: Nardo Wick & DJ Khaled]
(Tay Keith, f*ck these niggas up)
The emergency brakes broke (We the best music)
And ain't no stoppin' this shit either though
Ain't no such things as red lights, I don't even know where to go (Another one, DJ Khaled)

[Verse 1: Nardo Wick]
I don't got no brakes, it ain't not stoppin' this
I'm the youngest nigga poppin' shit
They wanna stop the fire, but it's too late, this shit got super lit
She see the way I pull a bitch
You see the way these diamonds hit
Nigga try to touch my chain, you gon' see the way this 40 kick
[Chorus: Nardo Wick]
They don't want no problems with us ('Cause it ain't safe)
They don't want no problems with us (That shit ain't safе)
They don't want no problems with us ('Cause it ain't safе)
You don't want no problems with us (That shit ain't safe)

[Verse 2: Nardo Wick]
Why it just got hot in here? Oh, look Wick just walked in here
I don't be with f*ck niggas, but I keep my FN
Bro go move the double R, we got somebody blocked in
Just saw my partner from Atlanta, he said "You fresh as f*ck, twin"
Swing that stick like Jackie Robinson and we slide home
He so innocent in real life, but gangsta on the phone
Funny how she say that I'm the dog but ate me off the bone
I heard her nigga mad, she came home smelling like my cologne
All I know is go, it ain't no stoppin', ain't no slowin' down
I don't want that nigga around me if he ain't gon' pow-pow
I don't want that necklace if that cuban link don't bling-baow
I don't want that pretty girl if she don't know how to work her mouth
We look like some old people, everybody got a stick
Know my phone ain't never dead, but I pull up five percent
When I walk my chains go back and forth like they in an argument
If he stare at this car too long, "Grrah, grrah" through the tint

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