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It Was Quiet in Guyana

[Intro: singing]
Never heard a man speak like this man before {*2X*}
All the days of my life, ever since I been born
I never heard a man speak like this man before {*echoes*}

[Bob Dylan's "Ballad of a Thin Man"]
You hand in your ticket, and you go watch the geek
Who immediately walks up to you, when he hears you speak
And says how does it feel to, be such a freak?
And you say IMPOSSIBLE, as he hands you a bone
And something is happening here but you don't know what is is
Do you, Mr. Jones?

It was quiet in Guyana, the silence was deafening
The good men and women took their medicine
Resting on their belief that the sedative
Was their key straight to the pearly gates
Instead of pounding on the bars screaming
"Heaven, please let us in"
They slept with a smile, a friendly grin
The wind whistled, as the gray sky turned a reddish tint
Bloodshed like raindrops
The fun ends when the pain stops
"Beach Blanket Bingo in the Graveyard"
That's the name of the
That's the name of the
That's the name of the game, bingo
But where did Jim go? What did Jim know?
What if Jim spoke now?
Would the kids close their windows to the mainstream
And tote their thick skulls around their brick walls?
Pink Floyd, or Peter Gabriel
"Sledgehammer" a big hole through the bricks
To expose themselves like a prick in a trenchcoat
You don't need a weatherman
To know which way the wind blows, said Zimmerman
End quote
So tell me, what the hell are you waiting for?
After me, there shall be no more

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