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Its Over Feat. Natina Read, Dr. Dre, And…

Chorus-its over it's over now move over it's my turn now it's over the game shut
Down sorry!- repeat twice

Ahh i went from canopies to boards --sorry!-- you aint got that bentley with 4
Doors k-u-r-u-p-t any you juss bring my bottle of remi recognize a real hit
When u hear one hosting a party at the playboy mansion stomp like gortex
Bouncing the jigga in california

Chorus x 2

Its the n-a-t-i ah u no da rest silly how fruequently they contest i've tore
Across the season i been across the world i've done it for all yall my cats and
My dawggs it's over cuz i'm bad to da bone leave a real diva to her own alone i
Drive a jaguar cement front cars live as a popstar shit it's hard! chorus x2

Dis is how life should be my girl and mah peeps don't make me remind u ive
Staged v i p move over for all mah dommis hustlas and pimps wid shiny wrists
Making money it's ma turn to shine and my turn to flaws like u played da game i
Stomped the billboards one thing for sure u've hit the door natina does not
Play but when she get on da mike she say what she gotta say (say)dr dre and
Snoop kurupters for real no kurupters I'll tha unfotgetable skill from east to
Da west bust from head to head sippin on remi red runnin from club ta club
These diamonds are fo real

Reapeat chorus till fade

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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