Green Day - Judge's Daugthter Lyrics

Judge's Daugthter

Princess in a schoolgirl’s dreamMay I please speak with youI'm having trouble with controlAnd it's all because of you Today I kept on falling downI thought it was the street So I look down at my shoesThey were on the wrong feetI find it hard to be myself(can you please explain?)I do not think that its my health(You're the one to blame)You're the one I wish I hadAnd now my girlfriend is getting mad(I cannot call this sane)[Judge's Daugthter lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]Today as I was walking downYou bumped into meYou said "excuse me" and walked awayAs I dropped to my kneesI prayed to the being in the skyThat my parents told me ofI asked about you but no replyNo clues about your loveMy girlfriend left me on the phoneI'm pathetically left here alone(I cannot call this sane)Can we find a waySo that you can sayI think I'm gonna pop

Date Added: 2007-06-28
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