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Just U & Me

Just u and me we gonna keep it real gangsted up right michelangelo
Just u and me we gonna bounce these california streets one by one
Just u and me hey girl whatchu trippin off on ? Just u and me get ya shit out girl

[Verse 1]
See I'm gotti nigga so superbly big I'm laying niggas like carpet silk
And corpse I'm extremes cuz I'll take it to the extreme newports are my favorite gasoline
Henna rock I just don't start don't stop and a Glock I just won't stop won't stop I love everything
Man Im just in the game and I'm so O.G. and i'm so low key all bloody Marys and Mary Jane I know me and slo calicos the rose endo endos with open endos hellascope telescope I scope
A ten pole( 0:55) hit the one in the back that say he wanna rap but I know its just rap hes just running his trap he just posting in the back just spitting his cat while I'm posted where i'm at with a gun in my lap baby girl peep this

Just u and me we keep it real gangstafied bouncing down the streets nigga just you and me
Its just me and you baby girl yea
Its cracking me me you ( just you and me)
Whatchu wanna do tell me bout it just you and me

Yea hey michelangelo what's cracking

[Verse 2]
Its just you and me yea my baby girl know we only fuck around with michelangelo the world might change but young gotti don't sinister verbal prime minister of flow never knew a g that was a straight busta until I met a buster that said he was a g and he was a g man this can't be I bang in the streets not just on tv. Michelangelo and gotti is the biggest thing cracking looking at these bustas like niggas had it when it comes to music is a done deal I'm stricting thru fiction is why I tell the reals with the connection to friction the poetical field the music arranged to verbal appeal separates the equator you’ll find none greater michelangelo we bout to run this bitch just us nigga

Just u and me we ain't takin no shorts its cracking
Just u and me of in the cun newports s’cracking
Just u and me hey and I'm seeing all gold cracking just you and me
You and me baby I like the way you shake it
Shake it baby baby shake it
You and me me and you
You and me
You and me me and you

[Verse 3]
Yea its cracking its gotti just you and me
Ride just you and me bounce just you and me
You and me just you and me we gonna show em how we do this real g up right Mike just you and me
Michelangelo on the beat its gotti
Just you and me
And young roscoe de soto fool
Stop o
Doing it super big! and we won't stop
Dont stop can't stop will not stop this is wkb double l with a a in the middle just you and me s cables

Just you and me
Michelangelo kurupt and gotti roscoe (just you and me ) de soto bitch !

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