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Keep It Real

[Hook: Z-Ro]
I know you've been actin' weak since you came in the door
But homie you ain't gotta be a hater no more
How can you live your life when you know you are a ho?
I'm Dr. Real Phil, I'm here to help you let go
It ain't hard to keep it real
It ain't hard to keep it real
It ain't hard to keep it real
Matter of fact it's for free
And if it's anything less than real, that ain't for me

[Verse 1: Z-Ro]
What's so hard about sayin' I did good if I did good?
Why you gotta find somethin' wrong?
Always complainin', just like a baby mama, just hit the drank
Hit the smoke, player loosen up your thong
Stop actin' like a bitch, even if you are a bitch cause that ain't cool
That's why the real people never kick it with you
When you come around
That dank smoke I smoke don't even be tastin' great
So you've been a hater since day one
It still ain't too late to erase the hate
On Instagram, straight flexin'
Hatin' on everybody else's bitch
Can't even remember your password
That's how much you're on everybody else's shit
Ain't ever took a pee sittin' down
Ain't nothin' feminine about my manhood
Hit a high note but ain't nothin' soft about me, I wish your ass would

[Hook: Z-Ro]

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
All I chase is money, you can keep them bitches
VVS' glisten, all these Backwoods I be twistin'
Jealous of our status, you more pussy than a pageant
Gold in the marble Polo boxes in the palace
I be sippin' 'til I slur, dippin' through the third
Codeine in my Wheaties, smell the syrup in the air
Belaire, I prefer we fuck the strippers by the pair
If her pussy classic then she might just get a pair
No time for the hatin', against all my religions
Swangers when I'm skatin', up in Gatsby with two pistols
All these bitches at me, they know it's official
If I fuck her, never call her, then I might bag, Ricky Rizzle

[Hook: Z-Ro]

[Verse 3: Z-Ro]
We the best like DJ Khaled but it ain't no we mane, it's just me mane
Since 1997 been reppin' original S.U.C., mane
While y'all swallowin' hate I be swallowin' drank
So I always gotta go pee, mane
Fuck Mike Mack, but me and J cool
Gotta feed my people and feed me, mane
I've been frownin' all my life
Soon as I start smilin' y'all ain't like that
When I kick a freestyle, my haters like
"Yo the most hit it, don't have to write that"
Memphis ice jacked, they gon' say they're fake
Cause my diamonds look like they're panickin'
Wanna know how I feel, these rappers ain't real
Just me and a whole lot of mannequins
I remember back in the day I had beef with DJ Michael Watts
Nowadays it's Swisha House, S.U.C., I eat with DJ Michael Watts
I don't wanna be in a rap group, I'd rather do me
Everybody so surely, I'm so glad that boy Lil Boosie is home

[Hook: Z-Ro]

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