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Kevin Gates Freestyle On Sway In The Morning

[Sway In the Morning Intro]

..Kevin Gates

[Kevin Gates]
True Story

[Kevin Gates]
I done seen some shit, I can't forgive myself
I done did some shit, still ain't forgive myself
Fast lane and hop out at the gas station
I noticed Lil Zack waiting with one of them mad faces
One wop and two knots I noticed he fast-pacing
But money ain't bout nothing, cause money ain't that sacred (Uuh)
Well, say lil dude, man what's with the bull in your mouth
You want be foolish, oh it's cool, put this tool in your mouth
Now no moving around, for I Ruger ya out
Don't be a dufus, come on stupid, you losing me now
Wanna believe in a breed of overachievers and disbelief it's just me on the sofa with mika
Game-spitter, so I stay to the facts
Prefer to play punk rock, I'm just able to rap
People pray, everyday I don't make it with rap
It ain't that, It's just this lady, her face in my lap
Coming up with Ice day, it's a lot of gun play
Fifty gun spray in a Batty boy's face
Squeezer, millimeter, and it's a must you keep a heater


[Kevin Gates]
I don't know

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