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Killin' It'

Every time your girl gimme that pussy, killin' it
Every time I get a pack I mix it, I’m killin' it
Got so many damn chains on I’m glistenin', I’m killin' it
Every time a nigga see me out, I’m shittin', I’m killin' it

[Verse 1]
Rich gang, Soulja Boy got a lot of tats
Rich gang Soulja Boy keep alot of scrap
Riding in a bugatti I finess a pack
Wake up in the morning and im sleeping racks
Riding round the city, Soulja Boy killin' it
I can't drive the car if it ain't no foreign whip
Turn my swag on cause I finess a brick
Spent a couple racks just cause I'm filthy rich
Keep alot of scraps on me im in love with stacks
Keep alot of money on me im in love with racks
Stay high all set Soulja make it back
You ain't even gotta ask shawty I got a pack


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