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Lean Back

Young Money in this motherfucker

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
There is no peace
I ride 'till there is no wheels
Till there is no streets
Like where is my piece
They dying in them cells or already dead
Or tryna kill themselves
I rep my niggas, I love my city
I feel myself and she feel my wealth
So it will not help, I gotta get me
And money like pussy and I gotta get deep
So I gotta get street cause it's riding on me
My niggas can't drive, I got riders with me
And nah I ain't into that back and forth chit chat
As a matter fact I'mma end that
Prone to destruction, home is corrupted
Stones in my dungies won't do the justice
Them hundred dollar homes is in abundance
Hustle on a mountain, hustle in a tundra
Get that money or don't function
Punctuation exclamation exclamation period
That's the way I have to make it
S to K, you better take it, idiots period
Bullshit, I pity it
Them guns shot so loud you would think I MIDI'd it
I shot more than once, I'm ab-libing it
Oh well you been in hell so what, I live in it
I'm giving it all I got for them incentives
Riding for them benefits and now it's back to 10 a brick
I like 'em thin and thick
Really I like 'em thick, high yellow and shit
Weezy F Baby

[Verse 2: Curren$y]
Hot Spitta, nigga, flow so sick
Sidekick talkin' to my older bitch
I had to leave her, 'cause she was too controlling and shit
I'm like "you can't have me, I'm too young for you bitch"
They got these niggas in the street tryna [?]
That's cool, bring it, I got guns for you son
I'm talkin' about 17 other Glocks with the beam
Homie, I guarantee that I don't miss
Hot Spitta ride slow
Two burners on the seat
Cops can't get addicted to my grind
Bitches stop riches, mami I ain't got time
Respect a nigga mind, bitch I'm tryna get my cake
They hatin' on me, they don't wanna see me get my shine
Gon' make me whack one of them niggas 'cause they fake
745 and I ride for that Uh
'Cause what I hustle for, these niggas try to take
But before they run up on me I'ma put it on his mind
Then they gon' find his body floatin' in a lake
I'm tryna figure out with [?]
These niggas mistake my kindness for weakness
Ain't nobody sweet bitch
Young money YM that street shit
Nothin' but heat slick
Rockin' you to sleep quick
Don't fuck around with the dudes
'Cause I ride around with them tools
And I bring the drama to crews
You know I keep sick, yeah!

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