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Lemme See It

Lemme see it (x2)
I don't believe it (x2)
Lemme see it (x2)
I don't believe it
I can't believe it

Til we see the money ya ain't nothin'
I don't believe it
I'm so certified you just stunting
Lemme see it
Bitch we know ya lying, you just fronting
I can't believe it
I don't believe it
Lemme see it

[Verse 1]
Errybody wanna flex up, like they check up so lets go
Eryybody got a Cuban link and a gold Rollie they glow
Errybody got Actavis, say their pouring up 4's
Errybody got plugs now, errybody move low
Errybody got pounds now, errybody move low
Errybody ain't around now cuz somebody just told
Errybody got bad bitches, errybody got hoes
Errybody got problems, shit errybody got throwed
I'm so sick of these broke niggas with my name all on they nose
I'm rubba banding these bands up and sending mine to the bay
My hands been dirty nigga still fuck round with the yay
Yeah okay, we just hearing we don't believe nothing you say


[Verse 2]
Ain't nobody broke no mo', don't nobody pay bills
Don't nobody snort coke no more, don't nobody take pills
Ain't nobody pour no mo', nobody know where nobody live
Errybody know who did it but ain't nobody getting killed
Now nobody giving nothing nigga nobody giving no fucks
Errybody wanna see the money, nigga we don't care if you Buck
Don't nobody wanna pick you up, nigga we don't care if you stuck
Don't nobody got problems, see that's where you fucked up
I got homies out here robbing, anybody get touched
Here errybody not like me is nobody I trust
Don't nobody wanna hear that shit, you niggas talking too much
What's understood ain't gotta be explained nigga, what

[Hook x2]

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