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Lengendary Characters

Ima legendary character listen to what im telling ya fold you up into sum paper den I just start mailing it smoking on da loud yea everybody smelling it people hatin on me bt I just depise my haters some people roll up in swishers sweets but I roll in khalifa papers and I think im on my grown shit im only 13 but I swear im on dat grown shit ciroc in my hand while im fuckin me a grown bitch sippin on da lean and the kush keep me stone bitch hatin on me im da spaceman spiff and dey call me pyrex king kuz I cook alot sniff bitch I dont fuck with you if u is a known snitch bitch and my rhymes is on and of like a fuckin light switch bitch. Lil Wayne: Uh Yea dem bitches call me tunechi and im known to steal yo girl just to get up in her cuchi in you know that she my girl cuz I only buy her gucci and dat need to free my nigga quick and his name lil boosie and ima fuqn legendary character like the legendary One said u betta listen to wat we telln ya n that 44 like a stamp so trust and believe that i'll be mailin ya tunechi is my name so all ya haters get it right and if im fuckin wit your mom den I am fucking her all right hahhaha yea tunechi muthafucka

Chorus: Legendary Charaters(4 times) And u betta pay attention to what we fuckin telln ya kuz nigga me and tunechi is some Legendary Characters

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