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Let's Chill

(Mexican D)
What's up baby, Mexican D hollering this
Just getting back with you, told you we was gone chill
Come through, blow something, smoke something
You know how we do it, keeping it real on this side
Letting y'all broads know, we too real

What's happening I see you capping trying to play that Ro like you don't know me
Come into my world of diamonds and pearls cause you look a little bit lonely
I was just out here on the cut, couldn't help but notice the shape of your butt
And the way you strut just drive a player nuts, man what's up
Could I just talk to you for a second I don't want to take up all your time
But see your 36, 24, 36, done blew my mind
I can't take it the way shake it to make me have to push up on you
To see if we have anything in common, you see I like to smoke marijuana
Would you be interested in smoking a square, running my fingers through your hair
Go to the Residance Inn with a 3 for 10 coming up out our underwear
See I'ma be chilling, I won't be hard, got a wife at home so don't leave no scars
On my back, cause Z-Ro penetrates so deep you gone see stars
I'ma get the roof up out killing out when I have
Do a little wine and take a little bath
Sip a little wine to ease my mind then it's back to knocking you dine
All you got to do is put me in the pen
God I bet I won't sing, I'mma ride the wave
Make you want to tell somebody cause I'm a squeel or something
Keep it on the low and we could do this today

Let's chill, so I could knock you down
Cause all that I want to do, is fornicate with you
Let's chill, and we can bump and grind
I want to get into you, that's all I want to do

Ok, seen you peeping a storm, so I took the opportunity to jump in my ride
And we could bump heads again and see we could coincide
With our minds, you got something that I cut for
The bald head and the thug in you, that makes me want to lust you
You balling with your boys, while I'm four deep with my girls
Diamonds glistening to the tip of my chrome just missing the curb
Hey love, what I got to give is probably more than you could receive
But we can compromise and bump many times my body's at ease
Did I shock you when I approached when I said let's chill
Or did I shock you when I didn't knock you for coming straight up and real
Show me a good time, make me feel like I'm in paradise
Me and you, one on one I ain't trying to claim to be your wife
So let's just chill, and take time for two of the same minds
To make twice the hustle and grind and fornicate since that's on your mind
Won't you meet me at my place, I say around 10 and don't be late
Cause I want you to feel me when I say classified ladies want to chill baby


I can be your earth, wind and fire so retire to my rapture
If you grin it means I win and then your skins have been captured
If you can find time then I can find time for running away together
Bumping and grinding, smoking and leaning steady reclining up on the leather
Get acquatinted with each other as we flip to Mo City
These cats ain't having it when they do they thang and no never show pity
But if you scared, I mean you not alone
It might be the ghetto but I call it home
90 percent of the killers are cool with me
So it's cool to sit back and blow a bag with me
So if I said I wanted to be your better half, you know that I was lying
No disrespect but I want some sex, can a player get up in between the thighs
But if you say I move too fast, I'ma slow my roll and romance
We can go to the Pappadeux and all of those fancy places and then slow dance
Under the candle light, sipping Dom Perignon
The stereo bumping our slow jam song
From 2 to 6 we ball in the mix and chains sex places getting it on
Cause I'm a pimp baby, not a simp and I want to be the trick in your life
It's plain and clear that a g came here to put this dick in your life

[Hook - 3x]

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