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Let's Get a Telly

- chorus 4X -
Everybody is gettin everybody
Let's get a telly and don't tell nobody

Step into the party, pimpin is my hobby
Yo bitch is hatin Mall, because she knew she never got me
Cuddies smokin blunts, because we all young ballers
Comin straight from Cali, Crest Creepers's what they call us
Ain't nobody trippin, cuz we're all about our fetti
Strip full of Caddies and them muthafuckin Chevy's
Cut thangs, Mustangs, 5.0's
Bitches in my party, and they feelin too towed
Me, I'm hella saucy, but I don't sniff blow
I'm known to bust them raps with that killer pimp flow
Hoochies in my face, and they all poppin pussy
But bitch, I get so deep up in that yak, you wanna jook me
With a butcher knife, so back up out my life
I cannot be your boyfriend but I can lay the pipe
The party's full of folks, all my cuddies from the turf
I crack a pint of Hymen, now we all gettin perved

- chorus -

Let my cuddy hold my thang, cuz my folks is way deep
It ain't about the game you hear, it's about the game you peep
I'm seein niggas slappin hoes, cuz they gettin outta line
I crack up as I act up off that 'Voisier and lime
Your bitch in front of me got yak longer than a g block
So now I'm freakin baby girl hands on the cock
Just then, guess who bust in?
The bitch I'm fuckin with - oh, I didn't know that was yo cousin
But before she tripped I tried to act dumb
I put her in her place, Crestside is where I'm from
And a matter of fact, fuck both of y'all hoes
You're fuckin with some pimp, so the story goes

- chorus -

I fiend, that you and me
Need to stop playin games and go smooth up a tree
On your knees in a telly, high from Hennessy
Put them legs on my shoulders, now I'm goin way deep
She took the dick from the pussy straight to her throat
I love it when I'm drunk and fuckin with a nympho
Slide to the slide, k to the y
Keep a hat on my shaft, cuz I don't wanna die
I heard a bitch lie, told her friends that I made her cream
Straight salt-shakin, tryin to aggravate my team
But game don't stop until the casket drop
Or the feds can count my dough
Top-notch bitches pickin Mall like a 'fro
Never would a player go low
Rivals thinkin that must be smokin dope
So all the macks kick back, because Mac Mall done came anew
And in the V-Town, this is what we do

- chorus -

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