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Let's Talk

[Verse 1]
Knew I would love you like a fat kid love food
Knew I would score on you like Shaq did in school
Knew I was stupid, knew I looked like a big fool
I must of had the flu, I thought the shit was cool
Knew you would fall in love with me and the shit I do
But never knew you would murder me, what did I do?
Knew you was right for me, knew I was right for you
Knew I would help you sell, knew I would write for you
Knew I would keep you well, knew I would fight for you
Knew I would pull out my heart and bring it right to you
You knew all about me baby, but you wasn't about me baby
Young Wayne, prepare for change
Because it seems like girlie don't care the same
You had my chain, you beared my name
Then we had champagne

Let's take a toast, to you and me
Let's drink a toast to honor
And the way it's supposed to be

[Verse 2]
Other people telling me I fell off
Other people telling me I felt y'all
Momma tellin' me I should at least call
My mind tellin' me she should at least call
Felt like I was at the bottom of the seesaw
Felt like I was at the bottom of the seashore
But you got to let her be bored
And when you open up your eyes, I hope you see more
And when I see you, I see detour
Don't need to be depressed anymore
Baby girl, I need more
Now run your mouth until your knees sore

[Bridge] (x3)
Let's talk it over
Let's talk it over
Let's talk it over now

[Verse 3]
Five karats on her finger got her hand smitten
But everybody get a ring, even Scottie Pippen
Everybody got a thing but I guess mine isn't, what my vision
So I just sits in my Lamborghini let my top vibe with me
Kick back and get high with me
And if she still get me
I hope my wife know she got a player for life and that's no bullshitin'
I push love to its full limit
Do a hundred-ninety in the lane called memory
And I know you in that lane with me
But when the light change, you didn't change with it
And now I'm honkin' my horn
Got to get that dead grass off of my lawn
As I mows on, the champagne's never froze-on
As it pours on the floor


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