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Let It Shine

There's a star up above the horizon
And it's shining for you and me
Something tells me this was meant to be
Do you feel like a dance in the moonlight?
Is your heart beating crazy like mine?
If you've got something burning bright
Don't keep it locked inside

Let it shine, show me your light
Let it shine, keep it shining into the night
Let it shine, don't hide it
It's something to see, let it shine
Let your love, let it shine on me

Don't you wish you could live every moment
Like that moment's the best one you'll see
That's the way the world is supposed to be
When you find someone you can believe in
Letting go is the easy part
Just close your eyes and take a breath
And open your heart

Everyone puts in their time alone in the dark
Reach out and you're gonna find
The very best part of who you are
Let it shine on me, let it shine

Just let your love shine down on me
Don't hide it......
Agnetha Faltskog Let It Shine

Date Added: 2007-12-21
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