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Lights Off

Cut the lights off nigga (Cut 'em off)
You know what time it is (What)
You know what time it is (What)
Strap -Up (Gun Cocks)

[Verse 1]
Alot of niggas better move out
Cause here I come with my click
With the tools out
All of a sudden all these cowards
Startin to spook out
It's warfare a buncha of niggas
Bout to lose out
It's time to load up them thangs
Hit the spot run in his house
And make 'em show up then thangs
Take 'em in the room go in his pockets
And then blow up his brains
No matter the weather
Rain, snow, sleet, or hail
I'mma slangin' that metal
So tell 'em niggas in yo' hood
To get it together
Cause I'm with tola, mario
And we down for whatever
Never underestimate or you goin under, see
Y'all can keep playin with Lil Wayne
But that lil' boy trouble
And plus dis shorty be full, wodie
Be scorin bundles, then start wildin'
Hit the block and let his toys rumble
And it go ratter-tatter
Ya be suprised how niggas scatter
When the M-1 shatter
And everybody on the block
They get bout' ten in they bladder

Tell 'em lights off
Mask on
Creep silent
Your lifes gone
We done left the block quiet

[Verse 2]
Look, look
When it's time to ride
It ain't no time to play
It could be time to die
At any time of the day
And i'll be godammit
If I let a nigga steel me
It will not happen
Ima fire about a hundred and fifty shots at 'em
And got my Glocks rammin'
Leave a nigga spot damaged
That's how the beat made us
I chief three blunts
So I can get a head rush
Then come around the corner
And your whole day crush
I'm sick and tired
Niggas choose to test the water
They get hit and die
Some of 'em scared of man slaughter
So they stay inside
And watch they partners get lit up
And then they ask why?
That's cause you played wit' me
They could'nt of known im'a guerilla
Drama stayed with me
Ran in his home went to kill him
Took his head with me
You better get it right or keep it right
Or lose your whole town
Tell em' lights off
It's about to go down


[Verse 3]
Massacre all these streets; block it off
Lil Wayne is in yo hood
With something like a rocket dog
And I'm after ya
I don't pass beef
I stop at all
That boy got a head on his shoulders
I knock it off
I'm highly intoxicated mixing krystelle and vodka
Somebody call the doctor
Cause my chopper done went blocka, knocka
Nigga out the way man
I'm sorry but us guerillas we can't stay tamed, say it man
Are you ready, ready
Ready for warfare Wayne, Turk, Juve, and BGeezy they all there
We all flare, don't care, dog they all tear
Give the guns to the one with the long hair
Dem block burner
It gets quiet they see the rims twenty four seventy
(Breathes)they breathe heavlily
Bullets they come steadily
You better stay off the block
Cause you might fall
You better stay off the block
Cause the lights off


(Lil' Wayne)
Lights off
Tell em' lights off
La, la, la lights off
Nigga lights off
We done left the block quiet

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