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Like I Love Her

[Hook x2]
I fuck her like I love her
Even though we hate each other
She still know I'm gon' fuck her right
I'm gon' tear that pussy up tonight

[Verse 1]
She say she don't fuck with you
You don't know how to treat her
She say Bucl I fuck with you
I been eating her like I need her
Boy you don't stand a chance, look at this ice on this wife beater
We don't handcuff nothin', bitch I love my freedom
Young nigga with them bricks, you know we just fuck these hoes and leave em
My bitch with the shit, she always tryna get even
Running up on ho pages, leaving comments for no reason
Pulling up at the trap, my next door neighbor gon' see us beefing
24 hours later next door neighbor see us creeping
Then they hear you screaming
Fucking while the kids sleeping
Wake up in the morning grab my pistol and I'm leaving
She like fuck you Buck til I fuck her next weekend

[Hook x2]

[verse 2]
Make sure y'all get all them bitches
We gon' ball with em, then fuck these hoes
Take these bitches to the mall with us
Buy mall bags, then buy em clothes
Ya bitch was looking for real niggas
Ya want her hair done, she like doing the toe
Me, I just keep it real with em
If you don't come then yo friend gon' go
You ain’t gotta know no info, ho
We gon' ball all night til there is no mo'
But yo rent get paid and yo wrist gon' glow
Ya ain't never seen a nigga like this befo'
Champagne on the pussy
Spinnin' my change on the pussy
I'm spellin' my name on the pussy
I'm doing my thang on the pussy
Some of us don't pay for it
But we all came out the pussy
Some of these niggas gon' pay for it
Whoever killed my dog they pussy
My bitch just got a girlfriend, saying Buck, I'm stay on my pussy
Then text a nigga late night like, Buck I'm playing with my pussy

[Hook x2]

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