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Live Or Die By Skeet

Blast factor positive, it's britney's perogative,
Just like the sweet gob she gives, and I gave her the HIV,
This is the skeet shit nugga, skeet in your face,
Like your trying to have a good time and someone shits on your face,
It ain't a disgrace, me and I'll Bill doin' it with mase,
Rape your little daughter and then skeet in your granny's vase,
This pimpery pays, we doin' it on your face like a honey glaze,
Callin the best western, for prom night stays,
Guess the redpath wedding was just full of pofase..

Live or die by skeet,
This is the sheet,
We'll feed you the meat if you know how to beat

Blastin' in the back seat, stickin to the beat,
We kickin in steel toes, and blastin on the sheets
We prommin it and dommin' it,
While you calmin' it and balmin' it,
Mommin' it, and tommin' it

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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