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Love This Fuckin Guy

I'm in the building
Ya, I'm a take'em
I'm a take'em, yes I will take'em Yessir

[Verse 1]
Yes I will take'em all the way there Boo
I will take'em all the way there Trill
(Do yo thing dog)
I'm a take 'em all the way there Boo
I'm a take 'em all the way there Trill
(Spitter ya hand ip)
Ay I'm chillin' like a villian off of killin'
Lookin at the ceilings like I'm a get it for realer
I'm a get it regardless, hard as it is
Who wants to be a millionaire, know how I'm a get a million
(A million?) and I'm in a pavilion
Chillin' with my woman but I don't speak Sicilian
(Sicilian?) But we both count the same
As long as when I send'em with it they come out the same
As if I went up in with it then I'm out the game
Them niggas tryna get me canned, damn
You know the feds are my biggest fans
Gotta watch what a nigga sayin' damn
They see my mommy & they wanna pull over
Cause she ain't got no number on the back of the Rover
Like she ain't got no business in Colorado
Just enjoying the snow, she was hittin' the slopes
She from the South, she ain't never skied before
And I heard she didn't fall go Cita go
And I'm just like her, I'm an easy pro
I am a gladiator call me Hustle Crow
Touch'em no, I'm just bustin', bust some mo
What's the 411 1 ya done
Once the pro rush come run ya gone
Youngsta know how to punch the gas
In an 84' with the cut-back ass
On 84's with the custom rag
Top drop at the second line & bust they ass
Got me lookin' like Hot Spitta (Yeaaa)
I'm a big spender, therefore I stunt
You niggas city slickers, we call it country dumb
A Southern boy, all I do is bake cake
And guess where ya bitch comin' after spring break
Blessed with the gift so I gotta bring faith
A less nigga tell more love than hate
One of the best to do it
Yes kid you are young MJ I'm checkin' Du mar
I give it to y'all the only way I know
And that is too raw, like no cut on coke
Ay, baby girl sit on this butter soft & take a tote
Don't choke, it ain't attractive, just smoke
And when I'm done you ain't a factor just go
And here I come so get it faster, land hoe!
Man nobody's gonna help you out
So you gotta help ya self, if you can't, kill ya self
Yup, that's how I feel & how I felt
That's how the hand was dealt no handing help
No handing outs just me & that abandoned house
With the hammers out, I remember
I had lil Tootie watchin' out
No lie we was high off our own supply
Teenagers with that cocaine eye
But we quit cause we learned that's how Tony died
It is only I, the son of a God
The Birdman baby that fuckin' guy
I love that fuckin guy
Now I'm the Birdman Jr so fuckin' fly
Hold up, I'm just tryin' to kick it with my nigga Boo
(I'm ridin' with you) yeeeaah
So we ridin' through
With the exotic Coupe with the divided roof
We on Mel Rose we like models too
Like how ya do? You eat fruit?
Me too! Isn't that a shocker
I live in the skyscrapers hi helicopter!
And that chain is very aqua
And sir that watch is very vodka
I'm lookin' like a watermelon mamba
Like Canneries fly down by them
So I got it, wrapped like a condom
Protecting my self from the drama
No more baby mamas, shout out to my only baby mama
Our daughters growin' up real fast we gotta watch her
Daddy now is gettin' real cash
The deal was proper, the saga continues
Check the venues I've been through
Why? I wreck the venues I've been through
Yea yea I give you The Carter, & then two
And then...

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